I’ve put a page together for the Apps I’ve made.. a mix of theatre lighting tools, and a couple of side projects.. I try to make tools that I find useful, and that I hope you find useful too..
Please do get in touch if you have any questions or requests… email:

Fossil – Cheap Petrol & Diesel

Get petrol & diesel prices nearby and across the UK. Ever wonder if it’s worth driving out of your way to save 3 pence on a litre of fuel? Find out how much longer your journey will take and what it will cost you; let Fossil do the fiddly maths and then get you directions to the gas station…

Diesel and petrol prices fluctuate surprisingly wildly, don’t get caught out being a creature of habit, when much cheaper prices are just down the road…

Fossil is super focused on user privacy – there’s no account to sign up to, I don’t want your reg number to sell you MOT’s and services, and your location data never leaves your device, is never sold to 3rd parties.

Set a favourite station near you and compare prices and drive times. Find out the cost of your fill up! download for iOS here.

LightChannel – for lighting focus sessions

Make lighting focus sessions a breeze! Designed to help designers and lighting crews prepare for and breeze through focus sessions. You can download it here for iOS & iPadOS.
Import your show data from Vectorworks or roll your own!
More details here

LightFinger – Moving lights as followspotsj.

Use the moving lights in your lighting rig as temporary followspots.. 

Accurately track the beams onstage using your iPad screen.
Or use a Mac with Apple Silicon.

Requires an ETC lighting console running Eos Version 3.0 or greater and an active network connection between the IOS device and the console.

Sometimes it’s just not possible to have a dedicated followspot for your show, but you might well have moving lights in your rig which can be temporarily re-purposed. It’s possible to follow a performer onstage using multiple cues and timings, but that doesn’t allow for any flexibility in performance, or for the rare occasions an actor makes a mistake! 😉

 It’s often not feasible for the lighting operator to manually track performers with moving lights using the console, either as they are too busy running the show, or their line of sight to the stage is not great. The Eos software, superb as it is, might not be ideally suited to the live operation of moving lights as manual followspots.

During technical rehearsals it might well be useful for the designer or programmer to have a dedicated screen for the quick positioning of the moving lights.

 Enter LightFinger… select the channel you want to control and your screen accurately maps the moving light on screen to the stage. You can control intensity and beam position with the app or simultaneously through the console.

Download here. Product page here.

Loafer – Sourdough bread for everyone.

Make your own sourdough bread – Loafer takes you through the steps of culturing your own starter to making your first sourdough loaf.. It calculates the weights and ratios of your flour , water, starter and salt (all you need to make a loaf) and reminds you when it’s time to move on to the next recipe step.

Making a sourdough loaf is all about a series of short steps, and much longer periods of resting & inactivity. It’s super easy to let life get in the way, and forget where you are in the process. Let Loafer keep track of it all, and remind you when it’s time to do the next thing.

Don’t leave your sourdough starter languishing at the back of your fridge slowly dying. Loafer reminds you when it’s time to feed!

Download for iOS here.

Loafer v2.0 coming soon!